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Mina vita verser eller Verser om sorg och saknad V

To Swamp Angel

A boy, a car
a mother's cry
A lifelong question
follows: WHY?

The driver drunk
the boy in youth
Oh, mother try
to see the truth

He's dead, your grief
will help you grow
and I'll be with you,
all years through.


To my fellow choir member

A smiling face
a giggeling voice
who would tell you were sad

A laughing mouth
a flirting eye
who would tell things were bad

Your boys gave you troubles
sometimes, you would tell
But still they both loved you
You knew that so well

So how could you leave them,
your girlfriend as well,
to grief and to guilt
and to sorrow like hell?



Copyright © 2013 Inger Aftonljus