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Mina blågröna verser eller Verser jag fått

As Light as a Butterfly

Beautiful wishes carry
Us forward when we
Think, sometimes,
That nobody cares.
Each of us has to
Realize that we must
First accept ourselves,
Let our inner selves be
Young again, accepting.

Letting go of the 'push'
In our lives,
Getting rid of the idea that we
Have to be someone, 'or else'
Throws away our bonds and sets us free!

John B Moss 98/02/03

Happy Birthday!

From the very beginning
Everybody said "What a
Beautiful baby!" "Pretty
Red hair," (and
Usually) "Smile,"
And of course you did
Real big! "Oh,
You cutie you!"

6 is the lucky number
That never fails you;
Have a GREAT day, Inger!

John B Moss 98/02/06


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