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Mina gröna verser eller Knowledge From The Fairy Tales

I need to go back
go back to my life
a life that is hidden inside
to serve and forget
forget all my needs
has been up till now all my pride

But there is a road
a new road to go
where I'll find my apple of gold
Through the woods in the dark
over mountains and hills
on the bottom of seas, I've been told

My skin might be torn
my eyes might be blind
but an old woman will take my hand
She's a wolf and she knows
the course to the light
She's a voice from my wild inner land


Under singing leaves
deep down in the earth
there's a hall with a prince in a hat
He is not to be seen
he is not to be known
and be sure you remember all that

If you lit a candle
and look at his face
he will have to leave right away
He must go to the witch
She will make him forget
who you are and will force him to stay

Then go searching my friend
You will find him one day
if you just have the courage to go
He's a part of your mind
in a castle inside
He is love, without proof, yet to know



Copyright © 2013 Inger Aftonljus