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Whatever you say
Whatever you do
My friendship will stay
My friendship is true

In rain and in sun
In good days and bad
Let's think of the fun,
the good time we had


Kindred spirit

the sun in my face
the wind in my hair
the spirit so good
the one who did care
the lonely and blue
the one who did wrong
will think about you
and sing my sad song


Your way

When you go your way
don't you look back
head for straight forward
don't leave your track

If you turn your head
you might hesitate
and all that you wanted
disappears while you wait


Fading Eveninglight

My dear friend
I miss you so
My heart will bleed and cry
You were my joy
My precious stone
My sun up in the sky

I hate the day
I said those words
That made you leave my way
Without your friendship
I will die
My light will fade away.


Real friends

Giving and sharing
love came my way
Needing and wanting
abandoned one day
Hasn't life always
been just that way
That false friends they go
and true friends they stay

3 sept 1997


Copyright © 2013 Inger Aftonljus