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Mina blå verser eller Två sånger 


Living on a dream, floating on a stream
trying to reach branches set on fire

Water all around, sucking me from ground
fighting every step of my desire

Setting sails in the sun, trying to run
my boat though the wind ain't a'blowing

Going out in the new, searching for you
crossing the sea never knowing


Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are praying: "Let us stay a while.
Give us one more chance to see the sun."
Still the trees are swaying Noone hears the cry
Out of sight the days of summer run.

Winterstorms are roaring, blowing all the leaves away
leaving branches dark and bare no matter what they try to say

Nature is dying, I say farewell
feeling more sad inside than I can say.



Copyright © 2013 Inger Aftonljus